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How do you know that you know? This sounds like a convoluted question but it refers to a type of knowing that is often inexplicable. Something happens inside of you and you just know. When this happens it is time to pay attention to this knowing do not ignore it. It is your other sense. We joke about this and think we are strange or weird but we are not. This is a natural element of our nature.

Unfortunately, we are programmed not to respond to this inner knowing. In my life I could not silence this knowing. Each time I would have the feeling of knowing it turned out the way I knew it would. This is different from factual knowledge that you can find in a library, digital or physical.

The most important aspect of this is to honor the knowing and not ignore it. We do not know how to trust our own instincts, when we do, we will find a better solution to some of our problems. When we ignore the knowing we have a strange nagging feeling that is persistent, this is when you should pay attention to the feeling. Each time you do not listen to the knowing of something there is the regret later.

Life will teach us many lessons and often there are many things we do not know. The knowing is our intuition, our instinctive awareness, and it is sharper than we realize. Why would we be so adamantly opposed to acting on our intuition? The opposite of intuition is impulse. To be impulsive is not a good idea unless you have carefully thought through the impulse with intelligent reasoning.

Our intuitive faculty is far more sophisticated than we realize. Our intuition is our ‘gut reaction’ the region located in our solar plexus. We translate the feeling in our gut with our brain. The instinct comes first then comes the reasoning.