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ME. The person. The one and only. How do we get to the spiritual? Only through tragedy and turn to a Deity to implore for some favor. The nature of life today has turned things upside down. Our reality is shaped by a different form of communication. Yet the spiritual question ever remains.
The part of you that isn’t tangible, yet lives inside of you and is starved for knowledge about the truth of the spiritual. Does the spiritual experience only belong to the religious? The Spiritual-Self doesn’t have a lable, you’ll know it when it is existent within you.

The journey of this life experience is the discovery of the Self

Why do some seek the spiritual and others do not? There is no specific answer to this question because each one comes to the understanding in their own time. What attracts one, repels another. In my life the quest for the knowlege was indeed heightened by my experiences. No matter how much I denied the experience, the interaction with the unseen became seen.

The restless emptiness was only filled when I pursued the study of the spirital, the religious, or that which is termed God. I am not sure I can adequately explain this to anyone. There are too many deep wounds in the name of religion that cast shadows on the truth. No one is sure what actually happened. History is written by the victor and the story will forever be changed according to the time period.

In the twenty-first century, we now have access to information that discounts all the writings of the Holy Book. This doesn’t take away the principles contained in the Book, but what of the stories. The archeological discoveries reveal a different story than the one we grew up with.

I would live by the principles of the Absolutes and follow in the Master’s footsteps. These Absolutes are universal and don’t know man-made ideology. They are timeless, and when you know of them, you live within the echo of compassion for yourself and others.

The Cycle
The continuation of the life cycle is reincarnation. The life you lead now is one of many, not the only one. You’ve been here before.

The key to finding your Spiritual Self isn’t on the deathbed or the tragedy, it’s in the knowledge of what you know about the truth of the subject. Not indoctrinated ideology, but the pursuit of the truth no matter where it might lead you. Anyone can tell you anything. In fact, we believe the absolute word as it is written. What if it was written and altered many times?

There is a sense of loss in knowing the truth about history and the books we thought were the absolute. The truth of something is everlasting, even if it was inaccurately recorded. It is better to love than to hate, or divide the world into groups of people with differences when we are the human race. We know this. If we do know this, why then are so many deaf to the words of wisdom that flow through all the denominations of religion.

Is religion just a style of thinking depending the label given to you as to what religion you are? For me religion has no label, it is beyond, it is in the experience of the Spiritual-Self.