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My messenger Spirit Guide lived on earth and is very well known but I withhold his name out of respect to his remaining family members who are still living. Not everyone likes the idea of contact with the spirit.  I have more than one Spirit Guide and they were prominent persons when they lived on earth. At first this was intimidating as I could not imagine how such people were my guides. I admired them and read about their lives long before I knew they were my Spirit Guides.

The perspective of the spirit in the afterlife is a continuation of the existence of their consciousness. There is continual progress never stagnation. Learning continues in the afterlife and the spirit retains its individuality. Not all spirits are interested in returning to earth to be a spirit guide.

The message from the spirit

The message takes many forms.  It requires discussion, thought and analogy and it is precisely this kind of dialog that is helpful.

I can tell you my spirit guides are far more intelligent than I am, many times their wisdom has answered my unspoken questions as well as the spoken ones. The answer comes with profound truths and principles which I grapple with to implement in my daily life.

Interaction with the spirit world has indeed given me a great deal of understanding and inspiration to resolve the complexities of my life experience.

All my spirit guides have different personalities and are not could my alter ego. Only I can be me and not anyone else. I have enough trouble dealing with myself let alone invent someone else.

What is life like for a spirit in the afterlife?

The spirit finds themselves existing in a dimension of conscious awareness but without a physical body. They migrate to the plane of existence that they are most comfortable with. There are lower planes and higher planes of existence. The purpose of the soul is to progress towards the higher levels of awareness.

The higher level of awareness is obvious – this denotes a spirit that is more advanced than what we are on earth. A Spirit Guide can also be a family member or a friend who returns to guide someone very dear to them while they were on earth.

Why would we need guidance from Spirit Guides?

After all its our life, and we just need to get on with it and live. This is too simplistic as there is more to our life experience than just living it. We are a spiritual soul encased in a physical body, and after we discard this body we exist in the spirit world, until we are ready to return to earth again and take on another physical form to continue on the soul journey.

Your spiritual nature needs the connection

The spiritual side of your nature is one of the most important aspects of you and it should not be ignored. When you seek the spiritual side of your nature you begin to discover the truth of things, of life. The bigger questions, the puzzle of you begins to take shape.

The connection to the spiritual side of my nature in this lifetime is refreshing. I was born under an astrological configuration that points me in the direction of higher spiritual aspiration hence my inability to ignore this part of myself.

Every life is important and your existence has meaning, life is not just an irritating experience of sadness, pain, depression, anxiety, and everything else you can find wrong with your life.

We have been talking to spirits for many centuries.

The biased opinions of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth century have built plenty of superstition and fear about the subject of contact with spirits and the spiritual nature in general.

The time of change

Each century has its dramatic burst of information or misinformation depending on how human beings translate the experience. To relegate me as someone who is using an alter ego to guide me is to dismiss me entirely as a person, and I take issue with that.

How can we deny anyone their experience, to do so is to stand in judgment. Humanity has stood in judgment through many centuries about the subject of contact with spirit.

In this New Age things are changing, the old is being replaced with the new. Change is refreshing it brings timeless wisdom  into a more acceptable view. The everlasting principles do not change.

Life moves forward not backward no matter what ‘intellectual orthodox authority’ will proclaim to try to stop the progress. It is a small mind that refuses to accept change, especially when the change benefits all, not just the few.

Knowing about your Spirit Guides will connect you with your spiritual nature. If we are not connected to the spiritual side of our nature we fall prey to the negative influence, and lose our spiritual connection. I would rather have my spiritual connection, and I am deeply grateful to have Spirit Guides to assist me the way they do.

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