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This might sound like a strange question. Of course we know ourselves. You live totally with yourself all the time. Is this your true self, or is it the self you deliver to the outside world because you need to. The information age has given us different communication tools, and we’re now busy creating branding and online authority experiences for our chosen occupation.
We are obsessed with appearances and follow fashions and trends faithfully. There is now a new role in our society, an “Influencer.” Someone whose opinion matters because of their status or achievement. It is often well deserved, and other times it is advertising copy. An influencer can be instrumental in getting your attention. Don’t allow someone to change your landscape just because they are an influencer. If you determine they are a worthy example then follow the example as long as it enhances your experience, and you learn from them.


The defining choice of who you really are will come at different stages in your life. There is no perfect age or time to identify the when it happens. All you know is you declare your individuality and know your boundaries. This is a giant milestone.

Reinventing the Self

This is a process that will go on until you find out what makes you worthwhile. At the turning point of facing life or death, you have to choose one or the other. I have come to the conclusion it is a choice, and we know when it is our time to depart from this life experience. I have pondered on this question many times as I have interacted with the place one goes to after this life experience. The afterlife isn’t heaven, neither is it hell, it is the conscious state of mind that exists after the transition of the physical form. Many feel it’s a waste of time to contemplate these things and you need to live your life in the here and now. This is true and correct, you should live in the now. When you are faced with a dis-ease that could result in your death, you begin to ponder it loud and clear inside your head.