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Bathroom Mirror

We spend a lot of time here. What do you tell yourself when you look into this mirror?

Bedroom Mirror

There may not be one in the bedroom. If there isn’t what are you hiding from?

Selfie Mirror

The new mirror that brings narcissim into the foreground.

How you respond to these mirrors will tell you a lot about yourself, if you’re listening to your inner response. We want to dismiss the truth of these statements. Why? What is it about yourself that you loathe so much? Is it the critical voice of someone you still hear from your childhood? If this voice inside you is still heard, then you have not silenced it.

The “talk back” to yourself has tentacles attached to what kind of images you think you should look like. These are the silent reflections when you look in the mirror. No one knows about them, only you do.

The Mirror of Self Reflection

This mirror is different from the everyday mirrors listed above. It is the mirror that comes from the reflection in meditation. The practice of meditation is one way to come to know yourself. We think we know ourselves, but it is only when you begin the deeper quest to find the truth of the self, do you start to see the mirror of self reflection.

The mirror of self reflection is a metaphor and will reverberate into every area of life. It will not be something you occasionally look into. The mirror becomes a constant self-reflection countered by interacting with other minds.

Whether it be reading another’s thought process, or in a face-to-face dialog, the introspection of the self is prominent. It’s prominence comes when you are sufficiently cognizant of the far-reaching consequences of everything you experience. Nothing happens by chance or accident. You draw the experience you need to you.

Whatever you are going through, is the result of your past deeds and actions in another life experience. Today, you have the opportunity to understand the events of your life.

The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” Marcus Aurellius

What are you thinking when you look into the mirror of self-reflection?