spiritual milestones

Another Newsletter

Occasionally once a month…

The problem is we’re saturated with information and why should you read another piece of information.

Here’s Why

Spiritual Milestones is about the actual spiritual experiences of life. The unexpressed things we don’t want to talk about. Not the usual ten things to do for a perfect life. Or how to succeed if you buy this book of only just discovered things that no one else knows but me.

My Concern

There isn’t enough balance in our life.

We are too caught up in the material and the technical. While it is true technology demands our time and acquiring new skills; the spiritual dangles on the back burner until it is too late.

Then you’re on the other side of life, in the spirit world, reviewing what you didn’t complete while you were here.

The Spiritual Blog

A different view. From the inside, gazing at the world through the eyes, the window of the soul.