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in the ripples of truth

Joan Margau

My life has been a series of spiritual milestones. At each milestone I knew a change. A change so deep my soul stood still. In that brief moment, I knew centuries of learning within me.

One day in 2009, it came to me to write of these experiences. Writing has been a life-long ‘friend’.  As a child, I found a great deal of comfort, earnestly writing down my ideas and stories, knowing one day I would rewrite them all.

The writing of Spiritual Milestones is the story of my soul journey.

The Questions

What happens to you when you die?

Why can some see into another world?

Did I exist before this life?

How does knowing this affect my life today?

The ultimate triumph is in finding the answers to the burning questions within. These questions don’t fade over time, they bring you closer to the real, the true and ultimately to know it for yourself.

The purpose of life is to live even through the difficult times. The life-lessons we must go through are part of the process. We must learn to walk before we can run.

Contact with Spirit

Perhaps the most startling the unseen presence becomes seen and the spirit shows itself to be a person who once existed on earth and now returns to communicate from the spirit world.


The vital information with which to understand the subject correctly. The secret of success is in the application of knowledge. The key is to find the correct knowledge.


Shocking news, you have lived before this life and you are back again with the same lessons to learn. Not so comfortable we think we know… but we don’t, until we experience it for ourselves.

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