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A Soul Journey

The Challenge

The milestones in a journey are the turning points that reverberate through us for a long time after the experience. My experiences have been of such a deep spiritual nature it is fitting to call them Spiritual Milestones.

The creation of this site is a bold step into the marketplace of ideas. In the time while we are here we must begin the dialog towards a different perspective, if we are to make progress in the sojurn of life.

The Solution

For every act, thought, word or deed, there is a consequence. So what are you doing, saying and thinking? When you understand the purpose and meaning of your life – you will change everything about yourself fast and quick. Understanding yourself is a process, the soul journey.

The ultimate solution: figure out your spiritual connection to yourself and others, then you will appreciate the gift of your life, and live to its fullest extent. 

The content you read on this site is entirely original and is based on personal experiences in the journey of a life-long quest to find the meaning of my existence. I share these experiences from my heart to yours. The unique experiences have shown me my spiritual nature. I struggled with many issues, nothing comes easy, but if you are somehow led to find others with a similar journey then find time to communicate.



  • Spiritual Quest 5% 5%
  • Meditation 10% 10%
  • Information overload 90% 90%
  • Its a different era time for change 10% 10%

The Results

There are very few people that want to pursue the truth of the spiritual nature. Even fewer will go the extra mile to pursue the truth of a subject no matter where it may lead.

Wouldn’t you rather know than not know?

Nothing can induce us to do anything we do not want to do. When the quest is genuine, then the doors open to find the truth of the spiritual nature of the self.