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The sun rises each day. Right, we know that one. Sometimes it is a clear day and sometimes it is cloudy. Each day brings the rising sun again. As the cycle begins each day so do we have cycles in our lives. As a child we learn from our first role models, our parents, and then our teachers at school, then along the way friends and family. This shapes the outlook we have everyday.

How do you look at life? Is it through the eyes of the negative people you grew up with? Or can you look at the beauty of life and see the value of it? My journey has taught me to see the positive not the negative. The whole rearrangement of the mind into the positive brings an entirely new outlook. When we think negatively it creates a dissipating and debilitating atmosphere. If it is cloudy then we are depressed, if the sun shines we are happy. Does our inner reference really depend on the weather? Or is it that we make it so?

The sun will one day rise within you, as you seek to find a true pathway to know of its presence. The sun is a symbol of the dawning of the light of understanding within us that comes from the pursuit of inner contemplation. It is not a person or being or god, neither should we worship the sun, it is a planet.

The shining one, was this the planet or an actual being? The Ancient Ones spent much time contemplating the rising sun and through their knowledge and wisdom they discovered the rising sun. Each of us has the same rising sun within, this has to be awakened. How do you awaken the rising sun?

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