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The opening of this gate and entering into a new terrain obviously brings a very different experience. When that gateway to understanding presents itself it is of a monumental nature. An experience that brings a collision with our beliefs and ideas. In my case it was a relentless pursuit I could not at first understand. An unquenchable thirst for answers to my questions burned inside of me. Why was I here? What was the meaning and purpose of my small life. Was it only to be born, live, get married, have children and then die? Was there anyone who really knew the answers? My determination led me to an unexpected gateway to understanding.

This remote mountain range is home to the legendary Immortal Adepts. What was it that they experienced that allowed them to pass through the gateway to understanding to become immortal and perfected? Yes, I am audacious enough to ask and to question. This enigma has been around for many centuries, it is not a new question.

This gateway to understanding is the knowledge we need to understand the reasons for the necessity to experience life on earth in a physical body also known as reincarnation and karma. New concepts to us in the Western world, old ones to those in the East. For many centuries it has been speculated, do these immortal ones really exist? Is there such thing as one who is perfected and does not need to return to earth?

What if there is? Why do they live so long? What is it they believe? Can we come to know what they believe and eventually we too can have such an existence? Would we be able to open that gateway to understanding their message to us? If we would open this gateway, then we too would understand. Need to know more about these things?  Contact me if you are serious.

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