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There is a point in life where our thoughts begin to reflect; what is beyond what we see? Our perspective changes through our experiences and we reach the milestones in our life experience that points definitely into offering proof and verification. What are we looking for? Often we cannot clearly define it, until we meet another who has the same quest, the same urgency to find out. The real journey is the discovery of information that will lead us to find the answer to this quest.

Inside of me there was always the burning desire to know. It was so strong nothing prevented me from pulling the books off the shelves in the library and reading them, no matter how complex the subject, there was always a dictionary to explain their meaning. Along the way though, I found others did not have the same questioning as I did. They just wanted to be happy and enjoy life. But I wanted to know, and so pursued things to ultimately find the truth of the subject rather than be ‘happy’ and all is well.

The unknown becomes known when you find the knowledge with which to explain the unknown. When I finally discovered the existence of another world, termed the world of spirit, I had to know more about this world. Why did it exist in such an invisible form?

Every person dances to a different beat and we are unique in that we are individuals with our own preferences and tastes. If your quest to know is genuine and of a deeper yearning, you will find the eternal, the unchangeable principles which govern the growth process of the soul.

What of the soul?

What of love?

What of hate?

Who am I and why am I here?

What is my purpose, is there one?

All these questions would surface for me throughout my childhood and my adulthood. The quest to know and the satisfaction of finding the answer is worth all the frustration and pain along the way. Finally the question is answered and a deeper understanding comes. However, there is no peak of learning or now you know everything and that is that.

The largeness of life itself has many components to experience. We have built a civilization on earth that is not regressive as some would have you think. I would not want to go back to the days of not having technology, and only getting your knowledge from the local village church because the priest was the only one who could read. Just imagine depending on one person for the answers to all your questions.

This is one sided though, there is a whole lot more to life than technology. The advance of technology has leveled the playing field for all of us, and knowledge is more available than it has been this is the key to the quest to know, being able to find the knowledge.

For every mountain you climb there will be many more mountains to climb, this is the nature of learning, learning gives you life, and answers the quest to know.

The one issue will emerge that you will find the quest can be lonely, I did not think that I would at some point feel so alone in my quest to know.