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Looking for answers to the imponderables. The ongoing questions that have been asked since the beginning of time. How and where and what is it all about. Is there proof of the unseen? Where is the spirit, in what place does it exist?  It depends how far back in history we want to go. There is not enough space and time to give an entire history of all spirit contact with us on earth. It is a fascinating subject there is much written about it. Why then is the subject so buried and not discussed openly? Is it because we are afraid to find the proof there is a spirit world, and the personality does indeed survive beyond the death experience?

Archaeological discoveries predate history, rewrite history? Not much support for this idea in academic circles. Every time a new discovery is made, there is a whole lot of purposefully generated information to discredit the finding. The beauty about the information age we live in affords us to be able to find out for ourselves.


The Scientist, the Poet, the Researcher, you and I, we want to know. Is there really proof? If you use the method of inductive reasoning the truth emerges. Throughout the ages every person at some time or other has pondered the same questions. Materialized apparitions, encounters with spirit. We should not be so shocked at the occurrence.

The reality is this, so few people are interested in the subject, it is not updated, modern and or trending. Proof is elusive, there is no app for spirit contact, or a software driven program that will provide information. When there is a personal inner drive for the knowledge to know this will ultimately furnish the desired proof.

The next series of posts are a discussion on the writings of the scientists and what they pursued and found in their experience when face to face with a spirit form.