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Contact with another world has occupied much space and many a pen has written volumes on the subject. Can the spirit world contact us? Contact with another world is possible with the aid of someone who is sensitive enough to contact the spirit world. This kind of person has been ridiculed, spat upon, and yet run to in times of stress, trouble, and tragedy. Why are we so unkind to such people? I would propose this is because we are afraid of the spirit and the person who can see and hear the spirit. Everyone at some time or another has wondered about the spirit. Where is it and what does it do? Of course, life in the afterlife is entirely different from what we experience on earth. In this afterlife existence, we continue to learn and at an appropriate time when we are ready, we will chose to return to earth to continue our cycle of growth.


This cycle of rebirth is hard to understand initially. Proof is not always satisfactory yet there are children recently who have revealed factual knowledge about their life just prior to the present one. The facts check out and the details are astonishingly accurate.

I can speak from my personal experience of remembering my life just prior to this one. I knew I had been a ballet dancer before this life. There was one particular picture I would look at, and somewhere inside of me, I knew. When I was growing up it was not okay to announce to your parents or anyone you thought you were the person in the picture in a lifetime immediately before this one.

Fortunately, people today are more open to this subject of spirit contact, the afterlife, and the reality of reincarnation. These subjects open a new and refreshing perspective about who and why we are here on earth. Who was I is not as important, it is why I am here that is more of an issue.

Why are some able to see and others are not?

I have asked myself that question so many times and do not have an answer. I learned to accept the ability as it did not interfere with my life in any way, it was just part of what I could do. Perhaps we might ask the question, why does someone want to spend many hours watching birds, and another many hours watching for the spirit? We are all motivated in a different direction according to our interests and pursuits.

The spirit chooses the messenger

I did not seek the spirit it sought me. Each time there was any kind of contact with me I knew there was intelligence behind the contact. This intelligence is an individual who was once on earth. The spirits who are my guides prefer to remain anonymous. I respect their desire to be anonymous, as I have seen how people misuse another’s name. There are family members on earth who may not be enchanted with their loved one as my spirit guide.

I am more concerned with being an effective messenger and delivering the message from spirit. There is complete cooperation between the spirit world and people on earth. If there is disharmony with the contact from spirit, it usually means this is with a negative spirit. Unfortunately, the negative spirits do exist and they are earthbound, meaning they are unable to release themselves from the physical earth plane.

The unhappy spirit is reluctant to leave and will bother you if spirits fascinate you and you want to talk to them. I think those who want to capture the spirit in haunted houses are paving the way to find out just how disturbed some of the spirits are by their tragic death experiences. The trauma of a violent death does a great deal of damage to the psyche as it passes into the next world. A spirit who suffers a premature death will relive their experience many times. If I encounter a spirit, during communication, I work with them to help them understand their circumstances. They are then able to leave the earth plane and go with those in the afterlife whom they recognize.

This whole communication is beneficial to those remaining on earth and there is much comfort in the knowledge of the continuation after the death experience. The veil between the two worlds is growing thinner as more people are interested to find out and communicate with another world.

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