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The search for the spiritual part of us is a refined concern. This refinement is a cultured or sophisticated process. Spiritual also represents the pure aspect of our nature and is also the soul. Something that is pure is free from an alteration or a mistaken association of words or phrases. The soul or the spirit seems to be one and the same thing. When attempting to define the meaning of spiritual it becomes complex, but it is meant to be in this instance as this kind of writing is intended to promote an internal dialog of the meaning of spiritual.

Life has often been compared to a journey, going from one place to another. Or in terms of a spiritual journey, the change from one state to another that occurs gradually during the journey of one’s life.

What puts you on the road to your spiritual journey?

For me it was the need to know. Why was there another world in addition to the one I was in? Why was it shown to me? It was shown to me to assist me to live in this life experience. Knowing the two realities actually steadied me and prepared me for what was to come. It is not easy to be me. It is not easy for any of us to be in the life we are in, to experience the things we do.

I am here in this lifetime to learn and experience the many issues still left to resolve in my particular spiritual journey. There is no religious affiliation that can alter the deeds of my past.  Nor is there any affiliation that is better than another in today’s idea of religion. The spiritual journey is of the inner experience, and the outer experience. It is not a belief system that will guarantee specific privileges because of an affiliation with that belief system. While you are here now, do all you can to refine the spiritual journey.

Our whole life experience is actually our spiritual journey. I like to call this spiritual journey the deeper quest about everything in life. This deeper quest does not remove us from life to some kind of peaceful place with no distractions. In fact the balance of the material pursuit and the spiritual pursuit is the ultimate spiritual journey. This is when you find out who you really are.