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Why do we wait for someone else to tell us how to do it? We watch other people do something and wonder if we can do it as well. Somehow we are not quite convinced we can do it as well and we push away from the very thing we want to do.

This is different from learning a skill. Once you learn the skill there is no reason why you would not put that skill into practice. What prevents you? Only you do. Time to take a different view of yourself. Do yourself a favor, look in the mirror and get to know yourself. You are it. There is no one like you, each one of us is a unique individual with a particular taste and quality.

The sooner we realize this the better. Otherwise we do not live, we do not do, we just look at what another does and wish we could do it too. When we care enough about ourselves to take charge of our life and decide it is necessary to move forward into the exiting participation of life and all it has to offer us – this is when we start to live. If we just reject all we have and appreciate nothing about our life, then this is your old friend negation. You can go back to the negative, it is your choice.

It is resolved by you

There are good things in life and we cannot afford to waste five minutes of our time. Get involved with a group of like minded people, learn to meditate regularly, contemplate and become part of something meaningful. Something that contributes to your growth and spiritual development in finding out about your soul, your spirit, yourself. You are it.

If you are not it then what are you. When I look at the world through my eyes I am experiencing me, and not someone else. Be true to who you are, you exist and you occupy the body you have so you need to get acquainted with yourself and come to terms with, you are it. This is not self-absorbed it is a search for the truth of who you are. The central point of your life is you, when you deal with you it is then you can deal with everyone else around you. When you forget to deal with yourself, you will find fault with everything and everyone else, and your life becomes unbearable.

Deal with yourself, you are it!

I Am Me

There is no one that is me,

you are you, and I am me.

I gaze at the world through my eyes,

you gaze at the world through your eyes.

Sometimes we compare notes,

but we are so different, you and I, who are you?

I know who I am, I am me.

©2010 JM

The issue is it is just that simple we are the ones who make it complex.

Photo: Rolfimages, Fotolia