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Who are you? Can you be true to yourself? If we are honest with ourselves we might make the biggest change of our lifetime. This may be why someone starts out in one profession and  leaves it for another. My dream and life pursuit began when I was five years old. I wanted to be a ballerina, just like the great dancer Dame Margot Fonteyn. As I watched her graceful movements in that unforgettable performance of Swan Lake, I knew I wanted to dance. No mater what it took I would be a dancer someday, and dance in the ballet Swan Lake.


From then on my whole life was geared towards becoming a professional ballet dancer. And finally I achieved my dream and danced professionally in the ballet Swan Lake. But this was not enough. When the curtain came down after the performance, there was another world. Backstage and in the dressing room there were other worlds encroaching upon me. An ever increasing awareness of the spirit world, the onstage world, and real life.

One night during a performance of Swan Lake, it was exactly five minutes to eight. This was the five minute call before curtain up. I looked into the mirror, as I always did and checked one last time, headdress, makeup, but as I did so there was another face next to mine, looking at me. It was the face of a woman, she looked familiar. At first I thought there was someone standing behind me, I turned around, there was no one else in the dressing room.

The two minute call came, this means you have to be on stage. I looked one last time in the mirror, and there was the same face looking at me. It was necessary for me to leave the dressing room and get up to the stage level as fast as I could. The opening bars of the overture had begun, I jumped into the resin box, coated my shoes and hurried onto the stage and took my place next to my partner. We both looked at each other sideways, I was just in time, the curtain went up.

NOTE: this post trails off into nothing. I think it should be deleted or rewritten. The whole of Milestones should be redone actually. Not the layout but the content and the pictures now have to change.