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The aspiration to achieve is symbolized in the mountains of daily experience we climb. Always will there be a mountain to ascend, it is the highest peak of a land mass.  The ascent to the mountain top is full of struggle and hardship just as life is. The one who has climbed the mountain will tell you of their journey and how they almost gave up and met obstacles on the way, but they kept in mind to reach the peak, the summit of the mountain.

Reaching the top of a mountain is an achievement. The wide open space to view the landscape will show other mountains to climb. There will always be the mountain peaks to climb and valleys to descend to.

It is not only in the physical exercise in climbing the mountain but it is in the sense of what this symbolizes in our desire to achieve the highest aspiration. We could also be too discouraged to even attempt to climb the mountain because it seems insurmountable. We give up before we have tried and there is no incentive to achieve, and the result is a dissatisfied restlessness that comes because of not enough achievement.

This kind of experience will set up many barriers to achieving happiness, or peace. I hear so often, “I just want peace.” Peace is only attained after much trial and difficulty, it will not come to you because you want it. Peace of mind and heart comes through experience and understanding the hardships involved in attaining peace. You have to climb mountains.

Achievement is often measured only in material achievement. How much are you worth? If you have nothing you are then not worth anything and have achieved nothing. This is a false sense of worthiness and has nothing to do with your ability to achieve. Our whole value system of achievement centers around those who have made it, those who are rich.

The solution to this is to understand your definition of what achievement actually is. If we were to compare notes we would find we have differing opinions about what achievement actually is. Some say it is marrying a wealthy man, others say it is having the ultimate achievement of being a multimillionaire, or having fame and notoriety in a profession.

Real achievement is through learning, through the grace of genuine humility to learn from life’s lessons. When you climb this mountain you reach a peak of achievement and go onto climb many more mountains.

Photo: DJ Pictures