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An Age is defined as a period in history, usually associated with a name or specific characteristic and influence. Typically, an age is a very long time. The Zodiac signs correspond in two-thousand year duration, twelve times. One Zodiac corresponds with twelve months in a year. This is of course a human configuration. We are now in the age of the Aquarius Zodiac sign. I am not a student of the ancient science of Astrology. I am aware of the alteration of the subject down through the past Ages that Astrology is unrecognizable from its originating source.

The sign of Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac according to Western astrology. Oriental astrology is an entirely different configuration. We have to reconcile ourselves to the differences in the calendar according to the advent of the coming and going of various individuals. It depends on which belief system you read about as to the start of or beginning of a particular Age.

There are endless speculations and interpretations. Regardless of this fact, we are now in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius with astrological consequences. Our perception is starting to move into a more dimensional awareness, and slowly but surely, we will start to see a difference in the new Age. Earth is many millions of years old, and we still look at the familiar beauty, yet the new Age presents itself.

Resolve Time

The question of Time is not able to be resolved since we invented time. What drives the influence of the introduction of a new Age? This is a complex question but in simple terms, it is the progressive stages of the growth of human consciousness. In past Ages we saw the suppression of this growth now we are seeing the opposite, the exposition of growth, and the emergence of an entirely new world. If we do not cling to the old, but rather adventure forward into the new Age we participate in the forward movement of ideas. In this way, we begin to tap into something extra inside of ourselves. It is at first intangible, until you give it recognition, or cognition, the truth of the spiritual side of your nature.

The need to know the spiritual

To find the merit of a theory you have to pursue the truth no matter where this avenue might lead. The willingness to find out will be your reward. The caveat for this New Age: always examine the source of the information. Be astute enough to ask questions and find out for yourself. Your experience is your authority, this is a true statement by the eminent Sir Francis Bacon. Your experience combined with information and understanding brings you to the truth of the subject. The effort you put forward in your life experience in this new Age will be effective. First, you help yourself and then you reach out to help others.The New Age is not a faddish idea it is inevitable progress. We cannot regress we can only move forward.