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The footsteps of your life as you walk on your path in this lifetime on this earth. Where does this go? The time we spend on this plane is important. It is not just an endurance test of a heavy burden of misery. Life is not pretty, and neither is it all pleasure. We choose our path in life, in conjunction with destiny. There are definite choices we have to make along the way. Based on our knowledge and information or emotions we will make choices, some good and some bad.

If there is a more serious application in life we will make better choices. If it is an impulsive choice we will live to regret it. There is no perfect choice of a path as life is a learning curve. What about the idea that you are born into some circumstances and cannot change them? All things can be changed if there is a strong enough desire to change. It is also the fault of society to brand one person in a particular class based on occupation or status. And, it is equally distasteful to relegate all people to a non-status by decree of a government.

The circumstances of life will present opportunities that you draw to you to resolve based on your past incarnations and what it is that you came to earth in this lifetime to resolve. No one is exempt from this cycle of rebirth, death and rebirth until you gain a deeper understanding of what the life cycles mean and how they affect you directly.

We may not always be aware of our inner compass leading us to what works for us, but we have in operation and it will steer us in the direction that is meant for us. Nothing happens by accident the events of life and its path are orchestrated by us in addition to a greater factor. Some call it God, others call it a Universal Power what ever “It” is it is beyond the human experience.

The whole subject of the path relates to the spiritual or soul journey of you. It is your soul and therefore your journey and learning. There will be the spiritual milestones that will cause you to change direction. It is then you will walk down the avenue of life differently.

What if fame and fortune is not enough? It is an empty stage to play on eventually. The choice to leave a successful, professional ballet career in pursuit of immortality was a life-changing choice I made. Now I walk a different path, but without ballet shoes.

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