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The ghosts of history are your past lives flashing before you as you listen or read about the new discoveries and findings going on each day. They run as you ran when the Romans came to destroy, as you ran when the Sanhedrin banned you from their temple; as you ran when they killed your father and mother and took your brother for a slave and kept you as a prostitute. Do you not remember?

No, you might not want to remember you were the oppressor and it is you who did the deed. Or you might be safe and sound and turn a deaf ear and vacation somewhere else while the violence happens outside your home. Were you the power of kindness in your deeds, the influence of example and noble.

Did you forge ahead when the stream was against you, and said it anyway, and then died for what you said?

Did you write the anonymous literature that is still read today?

Were you under the kings seal, and in his name, could take another’s wife on his wedding night for your satisfaction?

Were you the one who looked after the money and stole it at the same time?

Ah, the deeds of your lives are written within your soul, do you not see them. It is there the record is revealed. The history book will jog your memory and the time period will come. Seek it and experience it lest you live another life as a dead person walking in a strange land with strange people whom you do not know.

Wake up to the reality of the life and death cycle and the myth of the guaranteed place in heaven. Oh how I long to show you the past but you are not willing to look. To those who do want to look, I say welcome into the land of the true and the free within. It is to you I would speak.

Who am I? My higher Self, the part of me that I came to know through my spiritual aspirations.

You also have a higher Self. How do you find it?

contact me… if you really want to know.