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As a student of origin the actual pursuit of the origin of things brings deep satisfaction. Origin means source, the place where something comes from. Where did the river originate, high in the mountain as a stream and it flows on into the ocean. In mathematics it is the point of intersection of all axes in a coordinate system. Not having a mathematical perspective, but rather an intuitive one, the idea of the intersection of all axes resonates with origin.

The culmination of all points of reference and factual content, thus comprising the components of the origin. This is the ultimate yield of the answer to the question, the exploration of the source, no matter where the source leads. I am not the first student of origin, every person who seeks diligently will find answers. One can only admire the pioneers of science, or the adventurous archaeologists who uncover and reveal different sources and origins. The collision of ideas and the rewrite of history is the new battleground.

Would the student graduate to the professor of origin? In time we will all become as professors in this new age. It is meant for us to know and reason and conclude. It is easier to find information than it was a few hundred years ago. The advancement of technology produces the thrill of new information streams. New origins and sources to discover. The only drawback is we are now overly saturated with information and this is overload.

Going passed the overload idea into the pursuit of the origin will bring results. The motivation to know and find out is never dormant. It is awakened by curiosity and the desire for the power of knowledge. Knowing how to do something places us in a different position. Some still entertain the idea that ignorance is bliss. I would not languish in ignorance and bliss, but would rather endure the hardship of finding the source as a student of origin.