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It is a new time. There are changes taking place that have a very unsettling feeling, no matter what your age. Everyone is having to reinvent themselves in a fast changing world. It can be exciting or problematical. This depends on your attitude and how you relate to change.

The struggle will come first outside of yourself. You will do everything to keep up appearances as though nothing is wrong.  Many have lost their job and now have to find another way to make a living. Stress and anxiety affects self-esteem, it is difficult not to take this personally. The job you had no longer exists and you cannot go back to the way things were. The corporate environment has changed. Hiring Managers and corporations reassure us, there is no age discrimination, but you experience otherwise. Do you play this game?

The Generation Blame Game

20 year old: not listening, they are on their smartphone or gossiping online

30 year old: reads books, smoke pot, but don’t really do anything about anything

40 year old: blame the baby boomers for taking away their opportunities

50 year old: are up in arms because they can’t get hired

60 year old: are out of the question, period, they are already old

70 year old: are only good for politicians when they need votes

80 year old: are an enigma, who said they could live so long

90 year old: persons are a rare phenomena

100 year old: make the news because they reached one hundred years

Children are okay with violence they see it everyday.

This is the generation blame  game, every problem belongs to the other generation. Nostalgia keeps it “the way it was,” or remember ” the good old days.” In reality you can find an app for that. The reinvention of self, and has nothing to do with age, but everything to do with taking time to learn different techniques and embrace new ideas.

The Milestone

To discover what is different, this is the milestone. We are in a new age, everything is changing. Children, teenagers, adults all are affected. This is the entrance into a new paradigm, a new archetype. Enjoy life, it has a great deal to offer. Begin to reinvent yourself.