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Photo: DJ Pictures

A tiny droplet of water poised on the leaf of a plant after the rainfall. We marvel at nature’s paint brush. To focus on the pure and simple is to release ourselves from the stress and complexity of life, even if it is momentarily. The rain nourished the plant, the beads of water still fresh remind us of the need to stand still and contemplate the simple, the elegant and the unadorned.

Life will bring us difficult times. When it does, it is necessary to bring our focus into the simple contemplation of the meaning of this time. Not always will there be an immediate answer. But as you reflect on the smaller things it helps to know there is an order to all things, even in the middle of chaos and hardship.

We have to live through those bad times. Nothing shields us from life’s circumstances. If we would but focus for a moment on the beauty of the droplet of water, in that brief instant, it is then we may find an answer, think another thought that enables us to move on, or be inspired.

Life is an inspiration as we focus our attention on smaller things. We come to know an intrinsic and more simple understanding. Next time you pass a leaf or a flower, pause to marvel at the detail of nature’s exquisite simplicity. Our life is the same in our focus.