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The learning of life lessons can be an adventure in learning. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to learning life lessons, and this requires patience. Have you heard about the story of the beautiful pitcher? It was created with love and care. The owner sold the pitcher to give someone else the beauty to admire. The pitcher was prominently placed on the table and matched the surrounding decor. The new owner was very proud of the beautiful pitcher.

Everyone who walked past the pitcher admired its unique beauty and stepped up to the table to take a closer look. When they approached the pitcher they became aware of a pungent odor coming from the pitcher. They quickly retreated and hurried by wondering how such a beautiful ornament could have such a terrible odor. This was because the water in the pitcher was dirty.

We are like the pitcher we need cleaning out from the inside. The key to learning the life lesson is to get rid of  your never ending list of negative attributes and old habits and replace them with something different. Why would you fill the pitcher with dirty water?

Replace the old with the new

To effectively replace the old with the new, you have to reach a point of desperation inside of you. This desperation becomes more intense as time goes on, until you take the time to understand why you feel so desperate. My jar was full of dirty water. It was that simple.

We do not know how powerful our thoughts are, until we experience the intensity of what we create with our thought process. We think our problems are caused by circumstances around us. I used to think that way, today, I do not think so. I can identify the problems I cause for myself, and change those problems into solutions. Make sure your pitcher is filled with clean water. Learning this lesson will definitely give you a cleaner perspective.