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One of the worst things we can do is doubt ourselves. There is a balance between healthy self analysis and self doubt. Continuous doubt is a negation of the self, and has consequences. What we put out comes back to us.

Some doubt is healthy we should not accept everything and anything we hear especially about ourselves. The ability to think through something with our own intellect is healthy. What is not healthy is consistently doubting yourself. Self doubt is the opposite of believing in yourself.

When we believe in ourselves we  start to develop a trust in our our abilities, and we gain confidence. The positive element of belief is powerful, this power is felt over time with a conscientious decision to believe rather than doubt. It will take some time to undo the habitual thinking of self doubt.

Life is about our relationships with other people. The world should not collapse if you encounter someone who does not think as you do. Your belief in yourself should override other people’s negative attitudes and you should move away from negative people and find more positive people to interact with. Life is no fun with a bunch of negative people. Have you noticed how miserable people like to commiserate with each other and happy people like to be together.

Self doubt is overcome if you believe in yourself, respect yourself love and love yourself.

The human ego craves love and respect from outside of themselves. No one can give you love and respect until you love and respect yourself. Once you do this you cast aside all doubt about yourself. Doubts do nothing but undermine your true value. You are the key to understanding your value, no one can validate you, the validation of you, comes from yourself.

Is there anything preventing you from believing in yourself? The first response you have to the question will tell you exactly what you need to know to get rid of self doubt.