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The clue to finding yourself on the pages of history is to read the books of the time period that fascinates you. As you read about the life and times of the people in that era you will piece together the facts (as best as you can) and your connection with the past will surface. Reincarnation is gaining renewed interest even in Western traditional thinking, it has long since existed in the Eastern tradition.

Archaeological proof, as well as primary documentation, offers a point of entry into the reality of the existence of an era in history, the rest is speculation about the events. The solution to understanding the ghosts of history is finding the truth of the origin of the information.

The movement and rearrangement of information down through the ages is obvious in such conflicting information. The Holy Bible is full of allegorical truths that when implemented speak to spiritual laws that would indeed return us to a more stabilized ideology. Each religion has its version of the Holy Book, which belief is correct?

The modern day resurgence of interest to uncover the past is refreshing. Whatever source you access make sure it is a credible one as there are many without credentials proposing to have found some ancient document or religious artifact.

How about the lost treasure of the ancient world that has just been found, but is never visible. You will be led to the books that are right for you. It happens all the time so you will know which one to read. I cannot recommend one book is better than another.

All my bookshelves are full of books written by people who were looking for the same things as I was, proof, evidence, knowledge, understanding, explanation. It is fascinating to interact with another person’s mind through reading their book.

Each person views the world through their eyes. The eyes are the window of the soul and that is the very nature of our existence, to seek its meaning is to gain wisdom. To discard the gift of life is to create more problems, and at some point in your existence, you will come to an emptiness, or a restlessness, this is a spiritual milestone (as I like to call it) and it will be life-changing.

The purity of wisdom will always triumph over the nomenclature of historical ages and references. If you are that rare someone who wants to know, more than you do not want to know get in touch with me… if you are serious go to the contact page.