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Is there another dimension beyond what we see? is it true you live after you die? Can a deceased spirit return to show itself? Do spirits guide us to find answers? As we go through life, we are constantly finding out what we do not know. The unknown is a bit further from just information gathering. It is the speculation of what we still do not know and have yet to find out. This kind of pursuit is often dismissed because of superstition and fear. How can we be afraid of the unknown if we do not know what it is? We speculate and become philosophical and propose theories and hypothesis about the unknown the air, the ether. Even the scientist does not have the formula there is no theoretical simplicity. It is all speculation.

The ether the air we breathe, does something else exist within this ether? Is there a life after this life? Is it true the spirit can show themselves? The subject is evasive, but fascinating. There is no shortage of books about the subject. My preoccupation was finding the existence of the face at the window I saw when I was five years old, and later at seventeen years, the face at the end of the tunnel at my uncle’s funeral. These were two different faces, they existed somewhere and why had I seen them?


A logical place to look

I was not afraid to look for answers in the most logical place I could find, a book. I had no prejudice against the subject. My direct experience and interaction with the unknown is my experience and lends itself to credibility. The usual emotional reaction of superstition and prejudice from people is actually an irrational approach and one without intelligent reasoning and deliberation. My whole life has been spent deliberating and reasoning intelligently about my experiences.

Finding answers may not be ultimately satisfactory they often lead to more questions. There is no final point of destination to know, this only comes through experience. At age seventeen, I had no background knowledge. How did I find the exact book to answer my questions? I did not know what I was looking for until I came across the book and felt that familiar, inner knowing and took the book off the shelf. The book explained what my father had told me; you live on after you die. There were pictures of spirit faces. The pictures showed the same distinctive features even in black and white photographs. These were deceased individuals existing in another world. They lived on in another world after they died and were somehow able to appear briefly to show themselves and then they were gone.

The book that explained the subject of the spirit world was This Is Spiritualism by the late Maurice Barbanell. He was the Editor of a newspaper, the Psychic News, in London, England. Himself an ardent skeptic he investigated the subject for thirty-seven years. His writing is impressive. There is much to learn about spirit contact, it is as old as time itself. Is it really such a controversial subject? Not at all, it is most interesting. Find out for yourself, explore the unknown.