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What makes us revert to the negative rather than the positive? We like the positive but there is always the nagging doubt, or fear. Not very many people have absolute confidence in themselves and are positive at all times. Life delivers its flow of good and bad. Even though we have so much good around us, we tend to think of the negative. We forecast doom and gloom for ourselves even though we are aware of the opposite. The shadows at the back of our mind can haunt us if we allow them to. The phrase: “the shadow of doubt,” describes something that lurks in the background.

The shadows will continue until you decide to look at these shadows and come to know the negative side of yourself. Once you do, the rest is easy actually; no one really wants to be constantly looking down on one’s self. The positive and negative activity in life will not slow down. It is our response to the negative that counts. We participate in life as the doer not the victim.

The whispers of doubt will come inside you. This is not something, or someone else, just you doubting yourself. How do you emerge from these shadows? You learn to look at your life with simple appreciation for what it is, embracing your experiences, not negating them. The more positive your outlook, the more your doubts and fears retreat.

The ultimate solution to shadows

Love of self, and self-respect. If you can see the good side of yourself, this is half the battle won. A struggle within you will emerge. The dark side of you will fight your good side. You are the decision maker in this equation. Once you decide your good side wins, you never look back into the bad side of your nature.

If you would know peace and harmony, understand there is equal amount of negative and positive within us. This is the nature of life itself. When you conquer the negative side, then you know a different experience entirely. You will see the world through positive eyes.