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T his painting is an original art piece that was a timely confirmation. The swan is one of the most beautiful birds. As a professional ballet dancer, and loving ballet, there is no dancer that does not know of the beauty of the movements of Anna Pavlova as the Dying Swan. And in my day the beauty of the role of Odette/Odile in the ballet Swan Lake danced by the immortal Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Long after I had left the ballet world and ceased to dance professionally, I would dream of a swan, a lone swan, and it always looked as if it would take flight any moment. The dream was so vivid, the swan so peaceful and graceful. This was the time that my marriage broke up and my husband, the one I wanted to be with, left. One day at a market fair in Dallas, Texas I saw this original oil painting by Marie Peschke. Of course I bought the painting, it hangs on my wall, it is still an inspiration.

The painting of the swan was exactly as it was in my dream. That day at the market fair, I stood in front of the painting staring at it incredulously. There was the same swan. Once again there was the fascinating synchronization that happens with these types of situation. I do not consider them strange. I know the coincidences are arranged by something beyond myself. But it was for me a very special confirmation, even though my sadness at times took over, the swan picture was indeed an inspiration. My thanks also to the artist, whom I did not know personally.