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The Face at the Window

The start of the quest to find out
The appearance of the spirit is for a definite purpose.

The face stared back at me through the window.

It was nighttime the bedroom curtains were not completely drawn. I saw the face in vivid color. The kindly brown eyes I looked into spoke of things to come, the grin was broad and friendly. I could not understand why I was seeing a face, and then it was gone in an instant as I screamed as loud as my five-year-old lungs would let me. My father came hurriedly into my room, I explained to him in detail what I had seen.

Of course, the face was gone and there was no one there. He opened the window and looked out into the night. To reach my bedroom window someone would have had to be standing on a ladder. There was no ladder, no one at all. I was puzzled at what I had seen. Why had the face appeared only to me? Whose face was it? Did the face belong to a person, if it did where did the person go? If it was not a person, what was it? All these questions ran through my mind, and at the same time a joyous excitement welled up inside of me. Just before I fell asleep, that night, I distinctly remember being aware of a very comforting presence and I fell asleep. The dramatic event of seeing the face occupied my curiosity. I wanted an explanation.

Our logical mind tries to expound on something and our emotions race through us simultaneously. It seemed to me an intelligent outreach operating from another place of existence was making itself known to me. By nature, I am not gullible, I am skeptical, my style is to find information about something when I want an explanation.

I grew up in an era where the library was the resource for information. If you wanted to know something, you went to the library, looked up in the word in the dictionary first, and then found a book about the subject. What I had seen was a spirit, a person residing in another world, known as the spirit world. This is the place where we exist after we have left this life existence.

In time, I came to know his identity and about his life when he lived on earth. His purpose in connecting with me is to guide me through this life experience and also assist me to guide others  who are also searching the deeper questions and looking for the spiritual connection.

Out of respect for his remaining family members I do not reveal his name on the Internet. He is my Spirit Guide and works with me to bring through the messages from spirit.