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Contacting Spirit

Is it really true that spirits do exist in a world separate from the world we live in?

The truth of the existence of spirit changes the way we look at life.

Drawing the Spirit

As a medium I have often expressed the idea of being able to draw the spirit to help people understand the return of the spirit from the afterlife to show their continued existence. I do not have any training as an artist and was at first reticent to attempt to draw faces. As I draw I do not start out knowing who I am drawing.

When this drawing was finished (December 2014) I did not recognize the face.  I asked who are you, and I heard Amy Winehouse. I have very little knowledge about the world of singers, but I do remember hearing the news of her tragic passing into spirit some time ago. I cannot say that I have even heard Amy sing.

Amy’s passing into spirit was the worst possible scenario that could have happened. Her sudden entrance into the world of spirit prevented her from being able to give the world an entirely different new style that she was capable of producing.

Some time after this drawing Amy came to me and I wrote her message in Amy Speaks



The spirit returns from the afterlife to communicate with us for a reason. It is not at random, it is orchestrated to guide, assist and help on the journey of life.

Healing Yourself

Life brings many lessons. The mysteriousness of our existence is more than just the material world we live in. The grand puzzle of your soul is the mosaic pictures of where you have been in lives before this life.


The search for the truth of the subject of contact with spirit will provide you with much knowledge. When you know it is then you start to live a fuller life with definite purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the spirit world
The world of spirit is all around us and exists simultaneously on our plane of existence. After the transition of leaving the physical plane our spirit, or soul, exists in an afterlife as a consciousness. All that you learn in this lifetime is retained by you as you continue to exist in the spirit world. This is true for all of us, not just a few.
Why do only some people see spirits?
We are all at different stages of awareness in our soul journey. Some have more of an affinity with this type of quest or subject and others are not even interested in contact with spirit. Those that are drawn to the subject are ones that are looking for answers. We all have the ability to see the spirit but the subject has been shrouded in superstition and misinformation for centuries. It is time to get correct information.
How do I know the spirit is real?
The testing of the spirit is is necessary. If the spirit is real it will give you enough evidence to identify its reality. If it is not a real spirit, it will pretend to be something it is not and you will be none the wiser. The spirit cannot give empirical proof of its existence to everyone’s satisfaction and therefore we know the spirit is real. When we are willing to pursue the truth of the subject we will come into contact with the real and the genuine spirit.
Why contact the spirit?
In reality, contact with spirit is not something we initiate, it is usually at the time of the passing of a loved one into spirit. Not everyone is contacted by spirit. The time of contact happens according to the need for the message from spirit to get through, and the purpose of the message is for different reasons.
Are you serious?
One thing we cannot do is pretend to the world of spirit. We are dealing with an intelligence. We think because we cannot see them they cannot see us. The opposite is true. If you are seriously looking for answers and are ready to discover the truth about genuine contact with spirit this is when the contact with spirit occurs.

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