Love Yourself

The growth and development of you is an exciting discovery. Did you know that the majority of people are afraid of themselves?

Contact With Spirit

Amy’s message to reach those who are willing to listen.

Amy Speaks

To Achieve

The aspiration to achieve is symbolized by the mountains of daily experience we climb.

The Path

The footsteps of your life as you walk on your path in this lifetime on this earth. Where does this go?

Quest To Know

There is a point in life where our thoughts begin to reflect what is beyond what we see.

Learning Life Lessons

he learning of life lessons can be an adventure in learning. Unfortunately, there is no quick solution to learning life lessons, and this requires patience. Have you heard about the story of the beautiful...

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The Knowing

ow do you know that you know? This sounds like a convoluted question but it refers to a type of knowing that is often inexplicable. Something happens inside of you and you just know. When this happens it...

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Guidance from Spirit

re there really unseen presences that guide us during our journey through life? Can they reach us from where they are? My life has been an example of definite guidance since I was a little girl of five...

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This New Age

n Age is defined as a period in history, usually associated with a name or specific characteristic and influence. Typically, an age is a very long time. The Zodiac signs correspond in two-thousand year...

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Contact With Another World

ontact with another world has occupied much space and many a pen has written volumes on the subject. Can the spirit world contact us? Contact with another world is possible with the aid of someone who is...

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You Are Constantly Changing

he growth and development of you is an exciting discovery. Did you know that the majority of people are afraid of themselves? In reality, you cannot run from yourself. If you run from yourself, you lose...

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Is There an Afterlife?

his is the beginning of a series of posts about the afterlife, and the scientific evidence that exists to substantiate this. My pursuit to find the truth of the afterlife became a journey of...

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You Are It

hy do we wait for someone else to tell us how to do it? We watch other people do something and wonder if we can do it as well. Somehow we are not quite convinced we can do it as well and we push away from...

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Dealing With Shadows

What makes us revert to the negative rather than the positive? We like the positive but there is always the nagging doubt, or fear. Not very many people have absolute confidence in themselves and are positive at all times. Life delivers its flow of good and bad. Even...

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Explore The Unknown

Is there another dimension beyond what we see? is it true you live after you die? Can a deceased spirit return to show itself? Do spirits guide us to find answers? As we go through life, we are constantly finding out what we do not know. The unknown is a bit further...

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