Love Yourself

The growth and development of you is an exciting discovery. Did you know that the majority of people are afraid of themselves?

Contact With Spirit

Amy’s message to reach those who are willing to listen.

Amy Speaks

To Achieve

The aspiration to achieve is symbolized by the mountains of daily experience we climb.

The Path

The footsteps of your life as you walk on your path in this lifetime on this earth. Where does this go?

Quest To Know

There is a point in life where our thoughts begin to reflect what is beyond what we see.

Amy Speaks

"Can you hear the tears of my soul as I weep in the afterlife. If you did you would stand still and listen. Why am I here in spirit when I want to be living on earth? Don’t you know there is a life after this life. I want so much to be back on earth. My life is over...

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Trusting Your Intuition

Intuition is the part of us that resolves an issue for us before we have time to think about it. It has often been referred to as a ‘hunch,' a feeling, a knowing, without explaining how something is known. Another word for intuition is sixth sense since it came to be...

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The Spirit Guide

My messenger Spirit Guide lived on earth and is very well known but I withhold his name out of respect to his remaining family members who are still living. Not everyone likes the idea of contact with the spirit.  I have more than one Spirit Guide and they were...

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The Negative Influence

Is it true the negative spirit can come and pretend it is an angel of light? Yes, it can. So how do you know the good from the bad? This is a moral question we have to ask ourselves if we want to understand what is a negative influence. The interaction between the...

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Translating the Psychic Perception

The psychic atmosphere (according to my perception) shows me a picture. It is like a small vivid picture and is intensely bright and clear. It is more intense and colorful than the 'dull' colors we are familiar with even the beautiful and bright nature colors we can...

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The Ghosts of History

The ghosts of history are your past lives flashing before you as you listen or read about the new discoveries and findings going on each day. They run as you ran when the Romans came to destroy, as you ran when the Sanhedrin banned you from their temple; as you ran...

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Finding Yourself in History

The clue to finding yourself on the pages of history is to read the books of the time period that fascinates you. As you read about the life and times of the people in that era you will piece together the facts (as best as you can) and your connection with the past...

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Spirit Contact

Kings trembled, Popes winced, the messenger was imprisoned and then escaped walking through the walls or simply vanished, reappearing in another place. The adventurous went into deep caves to consult with the oracles, the medium brought the spirit to speak through...

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Ether and Reality

What is in the air around us? Is there another dimension in which a different world exists? These are fascinating questions and you will be pleasantly surprised at how many have experienced this world.

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Get Rid of Self Doubt

ne of the worst things we can do is doubt ourselves. There is a balance between healthy self analysis and self doubt. Continuous doubt is a negation of the self, and has consequences. What we put out comes...

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